Depending on the versions of the HD firmware and communications links, PAD/PSD data is sent to the HD system using various drivers. Common causes for data not getting to the HD System are: 


  • The HD format is not correct for the version of firmware running. (See HD Firmware versions). Select Properties from the Tools menu in CSRDS and select the HD/IP Output Tab. In the HD format section, select the correct format for the firmware version. 
  • Ensure the IP address and port are correct, are on the same network and are not getting blocked by a firewall, anti-virus or group policy. They may need to contact Corporate IT to open the necessary ports. 
  • When using the JMSAC format, ensure the IP and port are correct for the importer and HD channel, then click the Other Tab to configure the link to the JMSAC module. Ensure the JMSAC IP and port are correct, the Artwork Directory is available to both CSRDS and the JMSAC module and the correct DataService1, DataServiceName2 and HD station are correct. DataServiceNames are defined in the JMSAC-Tools\cfg\ directory.
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