When CSRDS captures a song, it captures the duration and uses it to remove a song when it is completed. These times will show in the Bottom Right corner of the Controller Window, in the Automation System status line as End:HH:MM:SS and a countdown will be shown in the Top Info Area next to the Clock Time. In some cases these times may be incorrect resulting in the song being dropped too soon.


In some systems the output can be configured and if the times are not in the expected format or missing, the songs will not display for the desired period. Use the Event Viewer from the View menu and select Captured Event. Verify the duration is there and in the right format, (See Supported System Formats for the correct duration format) and modify the automation system to use the expected format.

In some versions of the Wide Orbit XML, data the intro time is not included in the duration field in the XML file so the end time calculation is short by the intro time. To correct this issue, select Properties from the Tools menu in CSRDS, select the Other Tab and check the “Add Intro for WO Timing” option. Click Continue, OK and F5-Start to put CSRDS back online.

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