To configure CSRDS to send metadata to Commotion via StreamOn:

  1. In CSRDS select Properties from the Tools Menu
  2. Click the HD/IP Output Tab
  3. Enter the StreamOn IP and Port for this station in the Top Output to IP area
  4. Select UDP as the interface type
  5. In the Stream ID area enter Station ID/Mount Point as Defined for the StreamOn System
  6. Select Use Template in the Output Format section
  7. In the Merge Template area use the Browse command to find the RDS.XML file in the Center Stage Live installation directory.
  8. Select the Do Not Send Promos option
  9. In the Save to file area, select the directory and filename to create a file with a copy of the information posted to StreamOn. (To see the data as is was posted, in the CSRDS Controller window select Stream Template from the Template menu.)
  10. Click OK to save your changes and return to the main CSRDS Controller window.
  11. Click F5-Start to put CSRDS on-line
  12. Contact StreamOn and let them know the metadata is being posted and they will modify the player to feed Commotion

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