If you are experiencing issues with images received from Connected Radio, a good place to begin troubleshooting would be in the Event Viewer which can be found in CSRDS-->View-->Event Viewer.

1. Is artwork available in the event viewer? If so, refer to the articles Troubleshooting Artwork and Troubleshooting HD Images.

2. If an authorization error is seen in the ConRad tab of the Event Viewer:
     a. verify that the credentials were entered correctly. This may require re-entering             them.
     b. there may be an access issue at your site. possibly firewall or hardware related
     c. if neither of the above are an issue, contact support to verify there are not any             issues with the credentials.
3. "No Matching Artwork"
     a.  the image database did not have an image to match the artist, therefore,                        CenterStage will show the station logo instead

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