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Contacts and bulk edit
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You will now find your contacts under the Contacts tab

As with Media and Presentations, you can give the Contacts one or more TAGs

The advantage in relation to Contacts is that you can send to all contacts at once, simply by typing that TAG in the field, when you send a Presentation.

When you send a Presentation to a Contact who does not already exist, that person is created under Contacts. For each Contact, you can see which Presentations they have received and viewed

The Info tab, shows the users main data

The Presentations tab, shows the Presentations the user has viewed

You can therefore import your contacts to XpressU with great advantage and start collecting in different groupings with TAGs in for sending Presentations and get an overview of their views.

And do remember that with TAGs, a contact can appear in several groupings.

Bulk action

To avoid having to go to each individual Media or Contact to set a TAG or delete, you can now mark several Media or Contacts and add TAGS. You can also choose to Delete them.

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