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How to keep track of your media. About tags
How to keep track of your media. About tags
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As your Media grows in quantity, it can be difficult to get an overview and find your way around.

Enter, TAGs !
Your Media can have several TAGs that describe what this particular Media belongs to.

You create a TAG by opening the Media and start writing in the field next to the TAG entry.

If XpressU encounters a TAG that already exists, this will be suggested. If this TAG does not exist, it will be created. At the same time, it is created as an item in the menu on the left.

Now you can select this TAG in the menu, and ONLY see items with this TAG.

The All section of course shows all Media regardless of any TAGs

To make it even more clear, you can give your TAGs a color. You can edit your TAGs by clicking on the Pencil icon next to it.

Now you can change the TAG name and choose a color.

Delete, will remove the TAG from all Media.
📢 Please note. It's ONLY the TAGs that are removed. Your data is untouched and will now only appear in the All section

You can remove a TAG by clicking on the small close button

Instead of going into each Media individually, you can add multiple TAGs at once with Bulk Edit.

If you switch to List view, you can get a full overview of your TAGs, as well as delete and or edit them

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