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Deleting and restoring Media and Presentations
Deleting and restoring Media and Presentations
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You delete a media or presentation by clicking on the trash can icon in the upper right corner

You will get a dialog with info about that media. Is it safe to delete? Or is it used in one or more Presentations.

If you choose to delete, the following happens

Deleting a Media

The Media is removed from your Library, as well as all the presentations it appears in. Don't worry, there will be no holes in your presentations. XpressU will just skip that empty Frame.

Deleting a Presentation

The presentation is removed from your Library and users who have been sent a presentation can no longer access it. Users will be told that it is closed.

Restoring deleted media or presentations

Should you regret your decision, you can Restore one or more deleted Media or Presentations.

In the main menu, select View deleted items

After this, the deleted items will appear in their respective places, but dimmed down.

You can now choose to restore it by clicking the trash can with an arrow, or delete the item permanently on the red delete icon

📢 Please note that with permanent deletion, the item is permanently removed from the XpressU server, so recovery is NOT possible

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