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Presentation - Questionnaire tab
Presentation - Questionnaire tab
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Text To Speech

Have the questionnaires read aloud with our text to speech engine. There a plenty of languages to choose from. But make sure you choose the same language as the text. Really a helpful tool, if you have users with reading difficulties.

Show result for user
Let the user see their own result in one or more layouts. Read more in the Index score article

Table view

The table view is the mosted used view. It show the chosen answer for each question along with any comment(column with a speech bubble) or if the user has skipped the question(column with a question mark). Click on theme to read it.

Radar plot view

This view plots the result as a figure for each question in terms of points.

This view can be used as a stand-alone result, but makes the most sense in a Group* where you need to compare result for different users.

Bar view

Bar view display mostly based on Groups* but will show an overview of which category each question has ended up in according to the user's score.

If the score also has a label, the label is displayed instead of the score

Send result to user
You can also choose whether the result should be sent to the user. Here you must fill in the accompanying email text that appears on the right when you tick. Here you can make use of so-called dynamic fields. Dynamic fields are fields that are replaced by relevant data. For example, the dynamic field Recipient name ({username}) will be replaced by the name of the person receiving the email.

Send daily report to. If you, and others want to get a daily report of who has viewed your presentation, write the email separated by commas

Send reminder after [ 1 v] days. If you have sent the presentation from XpressU, XpressU can supervise if the presentation has been seen or not. If not after 1 or more days, XpressU will send a reminder to the user.

* The Groups module is a special one, were user can sign up in groups and then compare their result against each other. Contact us to learn more about this feature

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