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Presentation - Publish tab
Presentation - Publish tab

Several ways to share your XpressU Presentation.

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This is the official public link to the presentation. The QR code and the Homepage are also based on this link.

📢Please note that if you send the Presentation from XpressU a unique link is created for that person/email.


All XpressU Presentations have a QR code. It gives your audience an easy way to scan it and access the Presentation on their mobile phone. Click the Download link, if you want to print it and stick it on an object. Or send in an email, hang on a wall, include on a website, etc.

In the presentation itself, you can also access the QR code from the control panel. XpressU will then display a large QR code. E.g. if you are presenting for an audience.


If you want to include the Presentation on a website you can of course add the link. But you might want to have the Presentation as a part of your website. You just copy the small code snippet and give to your web developer. They van then integrate it easily on the website.


You can quickly close a Presentation, so it's not available to anyone. It's a quick way if you want to fix things or just don't want it to be available for a period.

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