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Make your meetings more effective with XpressU Presentations
Make your meetings more effective with XpressU Presentations

You have a PowerPoint and the Board must have it before the meeting. Send it via XpressU and update, if you just need to change something!

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If you have not already created Groups for your Contacts, then this is the time, as you can send Presentations to everyone with a few clicks.

You can tick off the contacts you want to group and give the group a name. E.g. "Board"

In the left menu you can now see your group.

And you can continuously add or remove Contacts to this and other Groups.

Drag your PowerPoint to the Timeline. Save your Presentation.

We assume that you have already uploaded your PowerPoint. Otherwise, see here how to upload media to XpressU

Now it is easy to send the Presentation to everyone on the Board. Start typing "boa..." and XpressU suggests what matches it.

Click Submit the Presentation and everyone on the "Board" now has your PowerPoint

Let's assume you want to change something in the PowerPoint after you send. Instead of having to send a new email with a new PowerPoint, you can simply update it and upload it to XpressU again.

Click the Pencil on the previous PowerPoint in XpressU.

Click Update the media to upload the edited PowerPoint from your computer.

Find the updated PowerPoint on your computer. XpressU uploads and updates the Presentation. The "Board" now has the latest version... and the meeting can start.

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