What is a TAG?
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A hashtag, or in short a tag, is a sort of a label or perhaps even property. A person can have blue eyes and brown hair but placing that person in 1 category/folder called persons, is perhaps to general.

Instead Tag'ing the person with PERSON, BROWN HAIR, BLUE EYES, will make it easier to find or make segments the different persons.

Tags are used in XpressU to make it easier to find and manage media with a certain theme or content.

Normally we place our media in folders. The image below from Kenya is placed in the "Kenya" folder. But it could also be in the "Travel" folder. It is not very smart to have a copy of the same file in the 2 folders, as it will then take up twice as much. By giving them one or more tags, the file appears under these tags.

For example, like this

When you create a Tag, it appears in the left menu. By clicking on Kenya you will see all media Tag'ed with Kenya. Clicking Travel, will also reveal the image above, because it has both tags.

If you want to edit the menu, hover over one of the Tags

📌 Please note. Deleting a Tag does NOT remove the Media.

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