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Everything you will need to know on how to setup your announcement bar

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The announcement bar make it possible for you to show an announcement at the top of your header. Having a sale, out for holidays or a special message? Show it on top of your page!

To change/configure the announcement bar, you'll first have to go to the settings.
You do this by simply clicking on the 'Announcement bar' to open the settings.

Once you've clicked on announcement bar, the settings will open in the right sidebar!

Configure the announcement bar

As stated before, the settings will open on the right side of your screen:

Enable announcement bar

Select if you want to show the announcement bar or not. Customers can close this announcement bar if they want and this will hide the bar for them in the future as well.

Keep in mind that when you are editing the theme in the theme editor and you close the announcement bar, the bar will be visible again after you refresh. This is so you can always customize it without having to clear your cookies.

Color scheme

What color do you want to show the header in? Pick one of your made color scheme.


Fill in your announcement here! This text will show in your bar.

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