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Everything you will need to know on how to setup your Newsletter section

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The Newsletter section makes it possible for you to add a section with a signup form for your newsletter!

To activate this section you first have to add the section to your page. This can be done in a few small steps.

1) Click on 'add section' which can be found in your left sidebar

2) Scroll down, or search for 'newsletter', then click on 'Newsletter'.

3) Done, your Newsletter section is added.

General settings

The general settings contains the settings for the styling, layout and the setup of the 'Newsletter' section.
Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following settings will show

Background image (optional):
Want to use an image instead of a background color? Upload it here.
For the best result, we recommend an image with a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Image overlay opacity:
Want to show a colored overlay over the image? Set the opacity here.
This comes in handy when the image is to dark or to bright, that way you can make the text easier to read.
100% = full color
0% = no overlay

Color scheme:
Select the color scheme for the overlay + text colors. You can select the color pallets here.

Button color scheme:
Select the color scheme for the button colors. You can select the color pallets here.

Would you like the banner to stretch over the full width of the page or a regular with.
The regular with has whitespace at the left and the right of the image.

Heading size:
Select the size of the primary and secondary heading from a range of small to extra large. When you choose for "Extra large", the size of the description will also be a bit larger than normal.

Like most of the sections we have made 2 heading fields for this section (primary and secondary).

Heading font:

Choose the right font family for your headings.

Fill in the custom text for the section text. Don't want to show a text? Simply leave the field empty!

Enable this option if you want to customize the heading font weight and assign different color scheme for your headings other than normal typography.


Bottom spacing desktop/mobile:

Set the spacing on the bottom for desktop and mobile.

That way you will get the amount of whitespace below the element you want. The default for desktop is 50px and the default for mobile is 30px.

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