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The Shop the Look section enables you to create visually appealing sections by combining different products and showing them with an image. Here's a Shop the look section in action:

To add the section, click on add section and then search for Shop the look:

Section Settings:

There's no additional block come with this section, so you just need to click on Shop the look section in order to setup everything:

Image: Select the image you want to use for the banner.

Image overlay opacity: Control the transparency level of the image banner.

Color scheme: Select the color scheme for the content + image overlay background.
​Button color scheme: Select the color scheme for the button.

Height: Select the height of the section from medium to large.

Custom height: Make sure to enable custom minimal height option if you want to have custom height for this section. The maximum height you can select is 1000px.

Layout: Currently it has 2 layout options,

a) Image left, products right

b) Products left, image right

Products: Select the products you want to show in the section along side the image banner.

Content Position: It controls the position of the image banner content/text.

Heading font: Select the fonts for your primary and secondary heading.

Heading size: Control the font size of your headings (primary and secondary).

Heading: Add primary and secondary heading text.

Description: Add description/information text which will show in the image banner.

Button label: Add a button label, the button will only show when you added a link.

Link: Linked the button to anything on your store, pages/collections etc but you can also add an external link with https:// or http:// infront of it.

Enable this option to override default typography settings.

Control the banner height, setting will applied only on Mobile.

Bottom spacing desktop/mobile: That way you will get the amount of whitespace below the element you want. The default for desktop is 50px and the default for mobile is 30px.

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