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We've added some cool new sections in Next to make your Shopify store look good and modern. The slideshow section enables you to add a image slideshow making your store more interactive.

Here's a quick sneak peek of all available layouts:

General Settings:

The general section contains the setting for Slideshow height, width and spacing:

You can also find the settings to adjust the slideshow height on mobile as well as select if you want to slideshow to autoplay. And if you select the slideshow to autoplay next checkbox allows you show play/pause button.

How to customize the slideshow?

By default, there is 1 image banner added, you can edit them, remove them or add more.

1. Editing the image banners:

To edit the blocks you simply click on the block you want to edit in your sidebar on the left of your screen.

After you clicked the block, on the right of your screen the following sidebar will open.

Image/Video: Select if you like to use a image or a video for your slide in the slideshow.

Layout: Now this is the main setting which controls the layout of each slide. You can choose between 'image left, content right', 'image right, content left' or 'background image'

Image left, content right:

Image right, content left:

Background image:

Image width:

Only applicable when ‘Image left, content right' or 'image right, content left’ is selected.. You can set how wide the image should be in terms of this section. Default is 50%, so 50% width of the image, 50% width of the text.

If you scroll down to the bottom you will see a Mobile layout feature which enables you to upload a completely different image on mobile. This could be useful in many scenarios let's say if a image fits on desktop but not on mobile you know you can always upload a different image on mobile which produce a better fit.

We've made this documentation shorter and to the point. If you've any questions about any general settings of the sections click on the Intercom icon visible on the bottom right of your screens and our team will be there to help. 🫡

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