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Everything you will need to know on how to setup your featured products section

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The Featured collection section makes it possible for you to add a section with your featured products.

General settings

The general settings contains the settings for the styling, layout and the products of the 'Featured products' section.
Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following settings will show

Select the collection you want to show, in this example we've used the 'Home page' collection.

Maximum products to show:
If you've selected a collection as your featured products, how many products of this collection do you want to show? (Can be set between 2 and 8)

Products per row:
How many products do you want to show in the row? If list includes more products than shown, it will be a slider automatically. Swipe is automatically activated on mobile.
Example below: The list includes 8 products, but the amount of the row is set on 4.

Heading position:
Configure the position of the heading text. You can choose between left and center.

Centering the heading will shift the button below the section and center the heading.


You see a background added to the section this allows you to customize this background color or you may use custom background color. You can control the opacity of background color, it's opacity and width/height.

Mobile layout:

If you scroll down in the feature collection settings you will find mobile layout option which can be use to change the background width and height.

We've made this documentation shorter and to the point. If you've any questions about any general settings of the sections click on the Intercom icon visible on the bottom right of your screens and our team will be there to help. 🫡

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