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The collections settings contain all the settings you need to configure your collection pages. You can build your own collection page from scratch, but of course we've provided the theme with a default collection page.

How to edit the collections page?

The collection page contains of sections and blocks, these sections and blocks can be added, edited and removed. You can use all the sections that are used on the homepage, but also have some specific ones for the collection page.

First you'll have to navigate to the collections template.
You can do this by navigating to Collections -> Default collection in the top bar of the theme editor.

Once on this page, the default template is ready to be edited!

General 'Collection' settings

The general collection settings contains the basic settings for the collection page.
The collection section also contain blocks, which are there to add and style the elements of your collection page. We will go in depth about this after the general settings.

Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following settings will show:



Products per page:
Select how many products you want to show on a page. The minimum option is 12, the maximum is 48.


Here you can choose what kind of pagination should be used for your collection page. By default, this is set to "Pages', but you can also select "'Show more' button.

The 'Show more' button is an "infinite-scroll" functionality for your collection page and will stop the page from reloading.

Note that the "You have seen x out of y products" text will not be shown when the setting "Show total amount of products" is disabled.


'Show more' button:

Show total amount of products:

Show the amount of products in the bottom of the list/grid.

Grid options:
There you can control products per row and even control the products of secondary product grid.

Product Images:

  • Fill images, if enabled the product images will zoomed in to the product grid container.

  • Show collection image:
    Do you want to show the collection image on the top of the page? Activate this option.

Show filters
Enable this option if you want to show productfilters in the menu.

Show menu:
Enable this if you want to show the menu (select a menu in the setting below).

Show collections:
Enable this if you want to show collections in the sidebar, duplicate items will be hidden automatically.

Set the alignment of the elements, do you want the sidebar to show on the left or on the right?

Select the menu you want to show on the left of the collection page. We recommend using your categories, so customers can navigate around the collections easy without using the header menu.

Select related collections and/or choose a menu above. Duplicate items will be hidden automatically.

Enable sticky filters:
Do you want the filters to be sticky (always in screen), enable this option.

Enable 'show more' link after amount of filters:
When do you want the show more link to be active; after how many filters?

Blocks of the collections

as stated before, the collections contain blocks. These blocks can be setup in the collection section. The blocks are there to design your collection page to your taste.

We'll go by the product section blocks one by one.

Title block

The title block has no settings, the title block is usually on the top of the page under the header, but you can always move it to your desired place!

Sorting options block

The sorting options block contains the option for the products sorting element. This is the bar with the sorting options and grid/list view selector.

The sorting options block doesn't have any settings.

Products block

The products block doesn't have any section settings, you can customize product cards from theme settings > product cards.

Description block

The description block is usually on the bottom of the page, under the products. You can always move it to your desired place! For example above the products!

It has the following settings:

Content alignment
You can decide if you want to align the text in the description the left or in the center.

Enable 'read more' link:
This may come in handy if you choose to show the description at the very top of your collection page, and the description is quite long. Enabling this setting will show the description only partially by default, and your customers chan click on a 'read more' link to show the rest of the description.

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