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Everything you will need to know on how to setup your cartpage

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The cart settings contain all the settings you need to configure your cart page. You can build your own cart page from scratch, but ofcourse we've provided the theme with a default cart page.

Cart settings in the general theme settings

In the general theme settings you find a separate block containing a general theme setting.

Enable cart drawer

With this setting you can choose whether or not you want to enable the dynamic cart drawer. This is enabled by default, but when you want to make sure your customers are always being redirected to the cart page when adding a product, you can disable this feature.

Empty cart text

Replace Your cart is empty.. with your desired text.

Enable undo deleted products:
Enable this if you want to give a visitor the option if a product is removed, it can be undone.

Enable timer for undo deleted products:

This will show the undo feature for a certain amount of seconds.

Show checkout button:

Display a checkout button below view cart button.

How to edit the cart page?

The cart page contains of sections and blocks, these sections and blocks can be added, edited and removed. You can use all the sections that are used on the homepage, but also have some specific ones for the cart page. The cart has one block to enable, this will be the USP block.

First you'll have to navigate to the cart template.
You can do this by navigating to Cart in the top bar of the theme editor

Once on this page, the default template is ready to be edited!

General 'cart' settings

The general cart settings contains the basic settings for the cart page.

Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following settings will show:


Heading size:

This control the font size for heading of the Cart page.

Show dynamic buy button:
Check the box if you want to enable the dynamic buy button. The customer will see their preferred payment method.

Show gift card or discount code redeem button:
Are you using gift cards or discount codes, we advise to enable this option. That way customers can fill in their coupons.

Show payment methods:
Enable this if you want to show the payment method icons under the 'checkout' button.

Show order notes:
Select where you want to 'notes' field to open, so the customer can leave a note for the order.
Choose between: Right, Left or Don't show.


Show checkbox
You can enable a required checkbox on your cart page. Your customers will have to select this checkbox before they can proceed to the checkout.

Label for the checkbox
What text should go along with the checkbox? We recommend using this to link to your privacy policy and opt-in field.

Blocks of the cart page

as stated before, the cart contains two block options. These blocks can be setup in the cart section.

Information block

The USP block makes it possible for you to set some extra USPs on the cart page. You can add as many as you like.
Simply click on 'Add USP' to add a USP.

The USP only has one setting, this will be the USP text:

When entered, the USP will show on top the summary of the cart and below the coupon field (when enabled).

Shipping timer block

The shipping timer block makes it possible for you to show the shipping timer on the cart page.
Simply click on 'Add block' and then 'Shipping timer' to add the shipping timer.

The shipping timer block contains no settings, but you can find the timer settings under the general theme settings tab 'Shipping and delivery'

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