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The blogs settings contain all the settings/sections you need to configure your blogs pages. You can build your own blogs page from scratch, but of course we've provided the theme with a default blogs page.

How to edit the blogs?

The blogs page contains of sections and blocks, these sections and blocks can be added, edited and removed. You can use all the sections that are used on the homepage. There are not really specific elements for the blogs pages. But it is nice to have a template you can work with!

First you'll have to navigate to the blogs template.
You can do this by navigating to Blogs -> Default Blog in the top bar of the theme editor

Once on this page, the default template is ready to be edited!

How to edit the page

Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following settings will show:

Blog posts

Heading position:
Set the position of the heading text.

Heading size:
Set the heading size

Custom heading:
Do you want to use a custom heading for your blog posts page, please set it here.
If this field is left empty, the title of the blog will show instead.

Blog posts per page:
How many blog posts do you want to use per page. Select the amount here.
Min: 3, Max: 15.

Show featured image:
Check this box if you want to show the featured image that you've set up for your blog article.

Show date:
Check this box if you want to show the date of publishing for the blog article.

Show author:
Check this box if you want to show the authors name that wrote the blog article.

Show excerpt:
Check this box if you want to show the excerpt text of your blog article.

Button color scheme:
Set the color scheme of the buttons present on this page (read more button)

Show link instead of button:
If you want a text link instead of a read more button, please check this box.

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