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To edit your Images settings you'll have to navigate to the settings.

Click on the 'Theme settings' in the left sidebar, its indicated with the following icon:

When clicked, on the right sidebar your theme settings will open:

Now click on 'Images', the following settings will open:

Product images

Image ratio:
Set the aspect ratio of your images, you can choose between: Square, landscape and portrait.

Fill images:
Check the box if you want the images to stretch/zoom in to fit your image ratio setting.

Pass through

Apply this effect on your product or collection images, it will hide the white background. Recommended when using a colored general background and images with a white background.

Pass through color on product images:
Check the box to remove the white background from your product images.
This only works with images that have a white background!

Pass through colors on collection images:
Select which pass through option you want to use on the collection pages. You can choose between: Disable pass through, Enable pass through, Enable pass through with a light background.

Corner radius

Show all images with rounded corners:
Enable this setting to show every image within the theme with rounded corners.

Clickable images: Enable this to make images clickable instead of only a clickable link, for example in a banner.

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