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The color schemes can be a bit overwhelming, but this article should clear things up!

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The video comes from theme Xclusive, but its functionality is the same as Theme Next.
Color schemes can be a bit overwhelming when you use them for the first time. But there is a good thing, it's actually really simple! πŸ˜„
​Make sure you've set up your color schemes within your Theme settings first!
Color schemes are shown in the bottom of your theme preview, it will show up in a bar like the image below:

So, for this example let's use the color scheme from the image above!
I'm trying to set up the banner color and font color of my image banner. I want the background to be a gradient color and the font color to be black.
As you can tell, the best option would be the 'Gradient Light' color scheme! The Gradient Light color scheme has been set up with a gradient background with black text.
​So I set the color scheme to 'Gradient Light'

The color schemes always show you how your element will look, so if i would change the element to 'Accent Light', the background will be yellow with black text.
The image banner would look like this:

As you can see, the preview in your color scheme will always show how the colors will look! πŸ˜„
Are you still a bit confused? No worries! Feel free to contact us, you can use the chat bubble on the right of this page! πŸ†˜

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