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It is a blend of Image/video banners in a masonry layout using this section you can use this section to create beautiful layouts like the following on your store:

To activate this section you first have to add the section to your page. This can be done in a few small steps.

1) Click on 'add section' which can be found in your left sidebar

2) Scroll down, or search for 'Masonry', then click on it.

3) Done, the section has been added.

General Settings:

Click on the section and you will see a list of options that will help you customizing this section:


Check this option to mirror the images.


Control the width of section, choose between boxed width or full width.

Space between banners:

Control the space between the banners the default space is 16px.


Select between rows or slider for mobile version.

Banner height:

Select banner height for your mobile so it's a perfect fit.


Set the spacing on the bottom for desktop and mobile. That way you will get the amount of whitespace below the element you want. The default for desktop is 50px and the default for mobile is 30px.

Blocks of Masonry Section:

As mentioned, Masonry section consist of image banners so when you add this section you see 4 image banners added by default. Every image banner has same settings and the maximum number of banners you can have in the section is 4.

If you have any questions about this section settings or anything click on the chat icon visible on the bottom right of your screens.

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