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Password page

Everything you need to know to setup the password page.

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The password page is a page that you can use if you want to close the shop for customers. Because you're working on the website for example.
The password page settings contain all the settings you need to configure this page. You can build your own password protected page from scratch, but ofcourse we've provided the theme with a default password page.

How to edit the password page?

The password contains of sections and blocks, these sections and blocks can be added, editted and removed. You can use all the sections that are used on the homepage, but also have some specific ones for the password page.

First you'll have to navigate to the password page template.
You can do this by navigating to Others -> Password in the top bar of the theme editor

Once on this page, the default template is ready to be editted!

General 'Password page' settings

The general password page settings contains the basic settings for the password page.
The collection section also contain blocks, which are there to add and style the elements of your password page. We will go in depth about this after the general settings.

Simply click on the 'section' to open the settings.

On the right sidebar, the following setting will show:

Password page

Select the image you want to use as a background on the password page. We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio.

Theme settings and custom css can be accessed here via a shortcut button. If you didnt set this up yet, you can do it here right away!

Blocks of the password page

as stated before, the password page contain blocks. These blocks can be setup in the password page section. The blocks are there to design your password page to your taste.

We'll go by the product section blocks one by one.

Logo block

The logo block has the following setting:

Logo image:
Upload your store logo here.

Logo width:
Set the width of your logo here. (height will be adjusted accordingly)

Title block

The title block has no settings, the title block is usually on the top of the page under the header, but you can always move it to your desired place!

Message block

Customize your message in the 'Preferences' section of your Online Store. Learn more

Password form block

Customize your form texts in the theme translations. Learn more

Newsletter form block

Customize your form texts in the theme translations. Learn more

Social media icons block

The social media block has no settings.

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