1. How did customers feel about their shopping experience at [brand]?

  2. How can [brand] improve its… [net promoter score | delivery | online shopping experience]?

  3. How do customers feel about prices [at brand x | of product x]?

  4. What are customers most common… [likes | dislikes | suggestions | requested improvements | behaviours]?

  5. What did customers… [like | dislike] most about their last experience at [brand]?

  6. What are the most popular requests customers are making?

  7. What made customers…[happy | unhappy] on their last shop?

  8. What do customers…[like | dislike] most about this [design | advert etc.]?

  9. What should [brand] do to improve their… [customer service | speed | deli department, employee onboarding etc.]?

  10. Why do customers prefer [brand | product x] the most?

  11. Why are customers no longer shopping at [brand x]?

  12. Why did customers choose [brand x] for their last purchase?

  13. Write a short report or summary about the main issues that customers are facing?

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