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How should I format my Hey Yabble query question?
How should I format my Hey Yabble query question?
How to help Hey Yabble do its best work. Hey Yabble is powered by cutting-edge AI! To get the best from it use these top tips.
Written by Laura Mallon
Updated over a week ago
  1. Be literal - ask Hey Yabble to tell you exactly what you want to know, the more leading or direct the question the better e.g. if you want to know how to improve your NPS score… ask

    Hey Yabble, what does [brand x] need to do to improve its NPS score?

  2. Follow up – Hey Yabble can provide more detail, you just need to ask more questions, for example you might ask

    Question: Hey Yabble, what improvements do customers want to see instore?

    • Answer: Customers want to see better customer service, cleaner stores and more variety of products

    Follow Up Question 1: Hey Yabble, how can [brand x] improve customer service instore?

    • Answer: We can improve customer service by providing a better checkout experience and welcoming people when they enter the store

    Follow Up Question 2: Hey Yabble, how can [brand x] provide a better checkout experience?

    • Answer: We can provide a better checkout experience, by ensuring there are enough checkouts open during busy times, being friendly and attentive to the customer, ensuring prices are charged correctly and items are packed well

  3. Use ‘what, why and how’ – Hey Yabble likes questions that start with a What, Why or How as they help you be more specific with what you want to know e.g. Hey Yabble…

    • What did customers find frustrating about the check out?

    • How do customers want the service to be improved?

    • Why do customers like the flavour of product x the most?

  4. Ask for examples – Hey Yabble is a very powerful engine and it loves giving examples, you just need to ask it to e.g.

    Hey Yabble, why have customers stopped visiting store [x]? Give examples

  5. Avoid yes or no questions – Hey Yabble will answer, but you might be a bit disappointed. Much like talking to a real person, Hey Yabble needs a bit more encouragement to give the detail. Examples of yes or no questions to avoid include things like…

    1. Hey Yabble, do customers like our advertising?

    2. Hey Yabble, could customers check out?

    3. Hey Yabble, do customers use our help tips?

  6. Provide a frame of reference – Hey Yabble has been trained on a large public dataset, so where possible give it a frame of reference i.e. customers, brand or location to get it to focus more on your dataset and help it provide an answer that is more relevant to you e.g.

    1. Yes: Hey Yabble, what do customers like most about [brand x’s] service?

    2. No: Hey Yabble, what do people like most about our service?

  7. Use the ‘Check’ feature – this is designed to help you craft the best Hey Yabble queries. If your first query doesn’t work, try using the above tips to improve it or reach out to one of the friendly Yabble team.

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