Welcome to Yabble! In this article, you’ll find a brief overview of the different features of the platform, as well as links to other useful content that will help you get the most out of our products.

We have a number of articles to help you perfect your survey or your Hey Yabble query. Here are some guides to kick things off.

Hey Yabble insights generator

Hey Yabble Count

Hey Yabble Count is a key feature of Hey Yabble, our revolutionary AI-powered insights generator. Using a combination of cutting-edge and proprietary algorithms and technology, it takes any unstructured text data and analyzes it for themes, sub-themes, and sentiment.

Hey Yabble Query

Ask Hey Yabble a question, and it’ll use cutting-edge proprietary technology to synthesize fresh, actionable insights from your open-ended data. Results are delivered in mere minutes, and pricing is flexible depending on your needs.

Pay as you go for one-off projects, or choose discount volume bundles if you’ve got ongoing insights needs or are working with larger datasets.

Either way, take advantage of Hey Yabble’s astonishing power (it’s 995 times faster than a human, analyzing 10,000 comments in minutes flat) to supercharge your insights and drive growth and innovation.

Platform homepage

When you log in to your Yabble account, you’ll land on your Projects page.

Create a survey or work on an existing one. Archived projects can be viewed under the closed tab.

Then, head to the share tab to set up a MyPanel sample, order a Yabble marketplace sample (from our global audience of over 62 million consumers), upload a CSV file you already own, create an intercept sample, or share an external link.


MyPanel is our customer-community software. It allows you to interact directly with consumers (either through a sample of your existing customers or through a slice of the 62-million-strong Yabble marketplace) — and to ideate and co-create alongside them.

Interested in using MyPanel? Contact us for more information.

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