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How do I relabel, merge, and move themes and sub-themes?

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Eliminate confusion and align with what’s most useful for your business. Here’s everything you need to know about relabeling, merging, and moving your themes and sub-themes.

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If you’re using Hey Yabble Count, you may find yourself needing to make a few adjustments to your data to better align with your business’s requirements. When it comes to your themes and sub-themes, this might mean changing names, moving, or merging.

We’ve made it easy to implement all this in the platform. To start, head to your Explore page.

Relabeling themes and sub-themes

  • To begin editing themes and sub-themes, click the Edit themes button in your Hey Yabble Explore window.

  • For themes:

    • Click on the theme you want to relabel. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll be able to type your desired name.

    • Once you’ve made your change, press Enter to confirm. A notification will appear when the change has been completed, and the change log will register that a change has been made.

  • For sub-themes:

    • Expand the theme to see the sub-themes, and apply the same process as above.

Moving (sub-themes only)

  • Navigate to the Move section in the middle pane.

  • Select 1 or more sub-themes on the left.

  • In the Search bar, choose the theme you’d like to move the sub-themes to.

  • Hit Move.


  • Navigate to the Merge section in the middle pane.

  • Select 1 or more themes or sub-themes.

    • Note: you can only merge like with like (so themes and themes or sub-themes and sub-themes).

  • In the Search bar, choose which theme or sub-theme you’d like to merge your selection(s) with.

  • Hit Merge.


The “Restore” button will reset your themes and sub-themes to their original imported state. This may undo multiple changes you've previously made, so please be certain you want to restore your original data before you proceed.

*Please note: the Edit themes functionality is only available in Hey Yabble Count.

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