Eliminate confusion and align with what’s most useful for your business. Here’s everything you need to know about relabeling, merging, and moving your themes and sub-themes.

Product FAQs

If you’re using Hey Yabble Count, you may find yourself needing to make a few adjustments to your data to better align with your business’s requirements. When it comes to your themes and sub-themes, this might mean changing names, moving, or merging.

We’ve made it easy to implement all this in the platform. To start, head to your Explore page.

A quick note: If you make a mistake

Relabeling themes and sub-themes

  • To begin editing themes and sub-themes, click the Edit themes button in your Hey Yabble Explore window.

  • For themes:

    • Click on the theme you want to relabel. Once you’ve clicked, you’ll be able to type your desired name.

    • Once you’ve made your change, press Enter to confirm. A notification will appear when the change has been completed, and the change log will register that a change has been made.

  • For sub-themes:

    • Expand the theme to see the sub-themes, and apply the same process as above.

Moving (sub-themes only)

  • Navigate to the Move section in the middle pane.

  • Select 1 or more sub-themes on the left.

  • In the Search bar, choose the theme you’d like to move the sub-themes to.

  • Hit Move.


  • Navigate to the Merge section in the middle pane.

  • Select 1 or more themes or sub-themes.

    • Note: you can only merge like with like (so themes and themes or sub-themes and sub-themes).

  • In the Search bar, choose which theme or sub-theme you’d like to merge your selection(s) with.

  • Hit Merge.


The “Restore” button will reset your themes and sub-themes to their original imported state. This may undo multiple changes you've previously made, so please be certain you want to restore your original data before you proceed.


Once you’ve made changes, a pop-up will let you know that the data is updating. The full system update can take up to five minutes.

Your data will reload once processing is complete.

*Please note: the Edit themes functionality is only available in Hey Yabble Count.

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