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Your trended data FAQs, answered
Your trended data FAQs, answered

View patterns and trends in your data over time.

Written by Laura Mallon
Updated over a week ago

Our trended data feature enables you to look at patterns and changes in your data over time. You can adjust the display to different time periods, making it easy to view trends from month to month, quarter to quarter, or year to year. Check out answers to FAQs below!

What time periods can I view trend summaries for?

The minimum timeframe for a trend summary is one week. Outside of that, you can adjust the display to any period you’d like, whether that’s month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter, year-to-year, or a custom segment of your choosing.

How do I change the time period display?

To change the display summary, click the Week tab and disable the time periods you don’t want to see.

Does the sentiment score change when I adjust the timeframe?

The ratio of positive to negative sentiment scores will shift as you adjust the timeframe of your trend summary.

Trend summary sentiment scores are measured based on the change from the previous time period.

What do the plotted points on the graph mean?

The plotted points you’ll see on your trend summary graph reflect the percentage of positive comments within the timeframe you’ve selected. They’ll change when you update the timeframe.

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