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Maintenance of YEMA Calibers
Maintenance of YEMA Calibers

Lifetime maintenance and interchangeable approach

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YEMA's in-house calibers are designed with manufacturing simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind following the Design for Maintainability (DfM) methodology. Components are designed to minimize the need to make repairs as well as the ease for making the repairs.

Thanks to this approach we are able to service YEMA's in-house calibers under 30 days, well below the 90 days watchmakers' industry average.

Our new in-house Caliber YEMA2000 is an evolution of the MBP1000 Caliber: several components have been improved in terms of quality and tolerances so as to achieve fundamental gains in precision and durability. Lifetime maintenance of our first generation in-house Caliber MBP1000 is secured by the principle of interchangeability, this is, interchangeable components that are, for practical purposes, identical but of higher quality and performance.

This interchangeable approach offers additional advantages to MBP1000 owners: Our customers have the possibility to replace their MBP1000 date wheel disc by the new (white or black) ones, and/or completely upgrade their first generation caliber by the new YEMA2000.

To ensure the reliability and durability of our In-house Calibers we

recommend to conduct a a complete servicing every 3 years.

The revisions of our calibers are carried out by our watchmakers, who

completely disassemble, clean, lubricate and reassemble all caliber components. Once the caliber is serviced and calibrated, it undergoes a series of specific tests in order to make sure it performs within our standard tolerances.

YEMA In-house Caliber Maintenance Fees:

US$ 199.00 + Shipping costs

To request a complete servicing of your YEMA Caliber please contact our Customer Support team via the 24/7 online chat available at

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