As a standalone single school administrator, you are able to enroll any student or staff member into a classroom in your school. For a student, this means that they will be able to work within multiple classrooms at the school. For a staff member, we understand that teachers and administrators will often work with multiple classrooms. Staff can be listed within and teach multiple classrooms at a time.

To edit your enrollments, select the Students tab or the Staff tab (depending on who you'd like to adjust enrollments for) from your Dashboard.

By default, you'll see all of your staff or students listed. The funnel icon by the search bar allows you to filter users based on the options you select. For staff, you will be able to filter by role (school administrators or teachers). By students, you have a more extensive list of options - you can filter for students by name, by classroom, by teacher, by date created, by last log in and by unassigned. Filter according to the role of who you'd like to enroll into a classroom.

Select the checkboxes next to the names of the students and/or staff you'd like to edit the enrollments for. Then, select Enrollments from the right fly-out menu.

From here, you will be directed to search for the classroom, then add your students or staff. Select the + icon next to the classroom to add them to that classroom, or the x to remove from. If you are enrolling staff, the staff will become a teacher of that classroom and will have access to it.

Here is a short video on the process:

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