As an all-inclusive STEM program, we've got a gamut of cutting-edge content, classroom essentials, and lots of bells and whistles that students can use to customize their digital experience. Of course, we'd love to give you a tour of what your students will be seeing, as it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with everything they're learning to do.

The Dashboard is where students will be as soon as they log in. The tiles represent the various curriculums we offer. Please note that unless a teacher or administrator adds these curriculums, students will only have Yeti Code to start off with. The younger students in 3rd and 4th grade will get Yeti Code level 1 by default, while the older ones in the grades above will have Yeti Code level 2. By clicking on any of these tiles, students can access and work in the curriculums.

Assigning Due Dates

As a teacher, you can assign due dates to any of these curriculums. When a student clicks the calendar icon, they can view the due dates you've set. This is a great way to train students to be responsible for their own deadlines.


A student can click on the crown icon to access the Leaderboard, if you have it enabled. Here is where they will see a definitive ranking of who has the most experience points in their class. You can also set up teams, and allow students to send pre-made encouraging messages called Kudos to one another. These are features meant to encourage teamwork, collaboration and good sportsmanship.

Experience Points

Of course, when students do their work, they will most certainly get rewarded. We believe that hard work is something to be celebrated, and that is why we award Badges, Experience Points, and Gritcoins. Experience points are earned when a student completes any part of the program. The lightning bolt icon will show students how many experience points they have, and clicking on it will tell them how to earn them as well as how many points their team has if you have them on a team as well.
As the name implies, the more experience they have working in Yeti Academy, the more points they receive.


The coin icon will show students how many Gritcoins they are and how to earn them. Gritcoins are earned throughout the program in tandem with experience points.

Students can use these to "buy" customizations for an avatar and a background theme for their dashboard. The avatar will appear in the leaderboard and will act as your student's custom "character" in the program. To customize these, a student will select their name, and then "Choose Theme" or "Choose Avatar".

As you can see, you can buy new themes with the amount of Gritcoins you earn. Likewise, you can fully customize the avatar, buying new outfits, hair styles and hats. Of course, please note that we don't charge for noses, mouths, eyebrows and the like.


The badge tab is a gallery of "milestones" a student has reached in the program. If they begin a new curriculum, finish a curriculum, or attain a particular achievement, they will receive a badge. You can award and remove badges, but this is a great way to let students know exactly what they're doing right and encourage them along the way.

Voiceover and Language

Your student's dashboard itself may need to be customized according to student's special needs. Since we have accounted for this, we have various settings that you can adjust to ensure that your students are thriving in their environment. By clicking their name, a student can choose their language in either English or Spanish under the "Choose Language" option.

Students can also adjust the text-to-speech voice, volume and speed under the "Voice Over" option. Our voice overs have many voices, accents and languages to choose from to best be understood by the student. Additionally, they can also enable or disable it as they see fit.

Minimizing/Maximizing Layout

Students can minimize this task bar entirely, making it only accessible should they hover over it by selecting "Minimize Layout". This is best when your students need to focus on the curriculum at hand, or their screen resolutions work best without the task bar. They can still hover over the top of the page to toggle the task bar again.

Here is a short video to further explain:

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