The Leaderboard is a feature of Yeti Academy that focuses on friendly competition, based mainly on accuracy scores, between your students. It will display the top 6 students in a classroom by order of Experience Points earned. Students earn experience points by progressing through the curriculums in the program.

What Do My Students See?

By default, students access the Leaderboard by selecting the crown icon from their dashboard.

From here, students can see the top 6 students in the classroom, as well as Teams if you have Teams set up. Students will be shown their position in comparison with the total number of students in their classroom. If a student hovers over their name or the name of any student, they can see their role in the team. As a teacher or school administrator, you see where each student falls in each class in terms of their leaderboard scores.

It's important to note that students can also "Send Kudos" to any other student in the classroom. Please know that these messages are canned or predetermined and students cannot customize them. They are all encouraging phrases, such as "Good Job!" or "You're doing great!" and meant to inspire one another to work harder. By default, the program will send the "Kudos" to the student directly above them on the Leaderboard, however students can choose whom they would like to sent Kudos to. They can also only send one (1) Kudos per day.

When a student receives Kudos, they will have a heart icon over their Leaderboard crown. This is to notify them that they have a new Kudos.

Of course, students can scroll down and view the Kudos already on the screen.

How Do I Keep Track of It?

You can access the leaderboard for any classroom by selecting the Reports tab from your dashboard, then selecting Class Reports.

From here, select Leaderboard. You can filter this by class and by students in said class, or select all students. When you're done, select Run Report.

Now, you'll be able to keep track of all students in order on the leaderboard, not just the top 6. You will also see whichever Teams you have set up and where they rank. Additionally, you can also see how many experience points they have.

What If I Don't Want My Students to Send Kudos?

If for some reason you do not wish for students to have the ability to interact, you can always disable the Kudos option. To do this, first, go to your Classes tab on the left-hand side of your Dashboard.

Then, select the classroom you'd like to adjust the settings for.

Then, select your Settings tab.

Now, ensure Allow Students to Send Kudos is unchecked.

When you're finished, hit Update.

Here's a short video to explain the process:

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