Because plenty of our curriculums are dependent on teamwork, grading, and mastery we understand that you may want to customize the pacing of your students' work. You may want them to earn 3 stars on all of their coding exercises, or ensure they're moving at the same speed of the class in their literacy courses. Whatever the case, you can adjust the blocks that a class may or may not have in order to move on.

First, go to your Classes tab.

Then, select the class you'd like to adjust the curriculum for.

Then, select the Settings tab.

Now, select the Curriculum sub-tab.

From here, select the category of the curriculum you'd like to edit. Then, select the number of lessons in the curriculum you'd like to adjust lesson sequence for.

On the top of the page, you'll see a "Sequential Lessons" or a "Require 3 Stars To Unlock Next Unit" box, depending on the curriculum. You may check or unncheck this box, and select any of the units in the curriculum to view.

If you'd like, you can also assign due dates easily from here. Select a unit that contains the lesson you'd like to assign a due date for.

Now, you'll see that you can assign due dates or view the lesson and try it out for yourself!

Here's a short video to explain the process:

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