When you are instructing a class, you may want to create announcements for your students. This can be helpful to send out words of encouragement, reminders or anything you feel is important for students to see as soon as they log in.

To create an announcement, select the Classes tab from your dashboard.

Then, select the class(es) you'd like to create an announcement for. From the menu on the right, hit Create Announcement.

Now, you'll be given the option to select the classes and the students you'd like to assign the announcement to, the content of the announcement itself, as well as the start and end dates that it will appear for your students. When you're finished, hit Create.

Now, logging in as a student, the announcement is as follows:

If you wish to edit or delete your announcement, you can do so right from your class. From within a class, select the dialogue box on the right.

From here, you can hover over the announcement made and select the pencil icon to edit your announcement, or the red x to delete it.

Here's a video to help explain the process:

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