Certain curriculums will often require a teacher to grade a submission and offer a score. Because of this, you will need to know how to find a student's submissions. If your students have submitted an assignment that day, you will the the icon on your Dashboard for your class, as well as what is completed and what is ungraded. Ungraded will indicate the submissions that need grading before the student can move on, while Completed will let you know what your students have done that may not need your attention.

You can also use the drop-down menu to filter for a date range to show this tab within the last thirty days to ensure you've not missed anything.

Selecting any button will take you to that class. Here, you will see a flag above the Gradebook tab that will show you the number of assignments, and the curriculum they are found in that you will need to grade. Select the Gradebook icon.

Then, you'll see each curriculum category. The ones with ungraded lessons will be noted with the red flag. Select that category.

Then, from the drop-down menu, you'll select the curriculum with the numbers beside them. The numbers indicate how many lessons need your attention. Select all students, or the student you'd like to see.

From here, you'll see numerous tabs that will indicate which sections of the lesson have been completed. (i.e., "Mark as Done", which indicates that a student has marked a lesson as done, "Quiz Game", which indicates that the student has played the quiz game, etc.) Generally, grade-requiring submissions are filed under the Comment tab. Select the Comment tab. Now, select the View button to view your student's submission.

Here, you will be able to award points, and offer a comment in reply to the student if you choose to. When your'e finished, hit save.

Now, you'll see that the assignment has been updated, and your student should be able to progress:

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