Because Yeti Academy is a program tailored to each students’ individual needs, you may find it helpful to edit the benchmarks given to your students in their typing curriculums. This will ensure that they are meeting your pedagogical needs for their grade level and to ensure they are learning to type both swiftly and accurately!

What are Target Settings?

Target settings are Accuracy and Words Per Minute (WPM) requirements each student must meet to pass a lesson. Yeti Academy has applied appropriate grade-level default target settings for each grade level but you may change them to match anything that your district deems appropriate for your students. Since accuracy is more important than speed, we award students "Bolt Badges" for reaching a certain WPM benchmark. This ensures that they are graded solely on what they can type correctly, because let's be honest - keyboard smashing isn't the best way to learn to type.

What are the programs' default settings?

Yeti Academy requires that students must earn at least 1 star to advance to the next lesson (Standard Proficiency). The default settings for our program vary per grade level, considering we have students of all ages coming to the keyboard.

How do I adjust the benchmarks?

To adjust your benchmark settings, select your Settings tab from your dashboard.

Now, select your Typing Benchmarks tab.

Select the grade level you'd like to adjust the settings for.

Now, you can fill in the requirements you'd like students in that grade to meet in order to achieve 1, 2 or 3 stars as well as how many WPM in order to earn a Bolt Badge.

You can also Restore to Defaults if you'd rather have them set at the default settings. When you're finished, hit Update.

Here is a short video to explain the process:

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