If you find yourself running into any site issue, it’s always best to clear your cache first and refresh your browser as a first step in troubleshooting. Cached files can often cause certain pages to run poorly.

If that doesn't work, try using another browser (i.e., if you were using Chrome, try Safari, etc)

This is a list of browsers and operating systems that is supported by Yeti Academy. It does not mean that the program will not work with older versions of operating systems or browsers, but that if you are experiencing technical issues the initial solution is to upgrade to a newer version before contacting support.


  • Chrome 84.0.4147.135 or newer

  • Firefox 78.2.0 or newer

  • Safari 12 or newer

  • Microsoft Edge 80.0.361.109 or newer

(If you are unsure of what browser you are using this website (third party) can assist you in identifying your browser: https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ )

Operating Systems:

  • Windows

  • OSX

  • iPad iOS

  • Chrome OS

  • Android

(Yeti Academy is only able to support operating systems and products that are current and supported by the manufacturer. Any product or operating system that is not current or supported may work however our support team will have limited ability to assist with technical issues you may have.)

Domains to Whitelist:

  • app.yetiacademy.com

  • [yourdomain].yetiacademy.com

  • https://vimeo.com/

  • yetiacademy.com

  • fonts.googleapis.com

  • maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com

  • cdnjs.cloudflare.com

  • maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com

  • code.jquery.com

  • apis.google.com

  • cdn.plyr.io

  • vjs.zencdn.net

  • .amazonaws.com

  • .cloudfront.net

If you are still running into issues after these first steps are taken, please write to support@yetiacademy.com with the following:

  • Student(s) Experiencing the Issue:

  • Location of Issue in Program (Please be specific to lesson title, curriculum, etc.):

  • Browser(s) Issue Occurs On:

  • Device(s) Issue Occurs On:

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