When your students are working hard to become super citizens in the digital world, you might want to know just how they're doing and if there's any concepts you might need to revisit. Thankfully, there's an easy report that will show how your students are progressing through the Super Citizenship curriculum.

To access the report, first, select the Reports tab from your dashboard.

Then, select Super Citizenship from the dropdown menu. You can filter the class you'd like to see as well as the students.

When you're finished, hit Run Report.

Here, you'll be able to see all the progress your students have made in the curriculum in pictograph format. If you wish to download this report, you can click the blue down arrow to save it as a CSV.

If you are unsatisfied with any student's score, you can rework the lesson. To do this, select the blue text of the name of the student. Now, you'll see all of the scores of their completed lessons. If you'd like to rework one, select the red x beside it.

You'll be asked if this is really what you'd like to do. Confirm by hitting Delete.

Here's a short video to explain the process:

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