If you are teaching a class, you'll likely have deadlines that your students need to meet to complete assignments. If this is the case, it's easy to set a due date for any assignment in your classroom.

First, go to the Classes tab from your dashboard.

Then, select the class you'd like to set a due date for.

Now, select the Assignments tab.

Then, select the category of the curriculum that has the lesson you'd like to assign.

Select your curriculum.

Then, select the unit, the lesson, the classroom, and the students that you'd like to assign it to. Set the due date as well with the drop-down options. When you've made your selections, hit Add.

Now, you'll see the assignment you created. You can edit any of the forms you've just filled out by selecting the tablet and pen icon. You can cancel this due date by selecting the x. You can also see the percent of the students who have completed it. (*Note: If the student has already done the lesson prior to you assigning it, it will show as "turned in".)

Now, when a student logs in, they can click the Calendar icon to view the due date.

They will then see the lesson to be done that you have assigned:

Here's a short video to explain the process:

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