"Unassigned students" are students who are rostered in your account, but they are not placed in a classroom. In order for students to use the program and show in your teachers' class lists, you will need to make sure that they are assigned to a classroom.

Should you want to locate your unassigned students, select the Students tab from your dashboard.

In the right corner, you’ll see bar graphs that depict how your licenses are being used. You see pictorially and numerically your total student license purchased (licenses), number of students assigned to a classroom (Assigned), and the number of students who are not placed in a classroom (Unassigned Students).

Should you notice that you have Unassigned students, select the Funnel button on the left hand side of the search bar.

From here, you'll be presented with a menu of filter options. When you reach the menu, check Unassigned Student(s). Then, hit Apply.

This will return the unassigned students.

Once you find them, you can re-enroll or delete them.

Re-Enrolling Your Student(s)

To re-enroll your students into a class, select the checkboxes next to the students' names. From here, select Enrollments from the menu on the right:

From here, search for the school and classroom you'd like to enroll them in.

Select your school from the drop down menu. Then, search for the classroom names, then select the + sign beside the classroom name to add those students to that classroom. That classroom will move under the names of the students. Click you enter button to activate the change.

Deleting Your Student(s)

To delete your students, select the checkboxes next to the students' names. From here, select Delete Student(s) from the menu on the right:

From here, you'll be prompted to confirm whether or not you'd really like to delete your students. Note: This cannot be undone so please use judiciously.

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