As the district administrator, you are responsible for loading your schools classes, staff, and students into Yeti Academy. The most efficient and error-proof way to get your school's data set up is to load them in this order: Schools, classes, then staff, then students.

Classes can be added in the following ways:

  • In bulk with a manual CSV file upload process

  • By individual upload


You can easily upload your classrooms using a CSV file. Sample CSV templates are available where you will upload your classes. They detail the information required to complete each column to have a successful upload.

Note: the program accepts letters, numbers, and the special characters _ (underscore), - (dash), and @ (at).

First, select the Management tab from your dashboard.

Then, you'll see the Data Import tool. Select the View Tool button.

Then, select 3: Upload Your Classes. *Note: Please do this only after you have uploaded staff and schools.

From here, you will be directed to upload your CSV file.

Individual Classes

You can add your classes one at a time to your school. First, select the Classes tab from your dashboard.

Then, select the + Add a Class button.

Now, you can fill out the webform to add a single class. This includes information such as the name, the default grade level that students will enter at, the school, the primary teacher, the option to add additional teachers, and the days the students in your class will be working. When you're done, hit Create.

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