As a district administrator, you are responsible for loading your schools, classrooms, staff, and students into Yeti Academy. The most efficient and error-proof way to get your school's data set up is to load them in this order: Schools, classrooms, teachers, then students.

Students can be added in the following ways:

  • In bulk with a CSV file

  • By a single student upload

  • By student self-registration (in which students create their own usernames and passwords as they enroll into your classroom).

  • Through Classlink integration


There are three methods of uploading your students via a CSV. While all will result in the same outcome of your students being uploaded, sample CSV templates and details on the exact data required can be found wherever you find the opportunity to upload the students.

(* Note: the program accepts letters and numbers, and the special characters _(underscore), -(dash), and @(at).)

Method 1:

First, go to your Management tab.

Then, you'll see the Data Import tool. Select View Tool.

Then, select 4: Upload Your Students.

From here, you'll be directed to upload your students via a CSV file.

Method 2:

You can upload your students via CSV by selecting your Students tab.

Now, select the + Students button.

From here, select Import Students.

From here, you will be directed to upload your CSV file.

Single Student Upload

You can add your students one at a time if that is more convenient for you. Please assign your students to a classroom and school. If you have not decided where the student will go yet, please note that you can find them by filtering for Unassigned students after you add them by selecting the filter button from your Students tab.

First, navigate to your Students tab in your Dashboard.

Then, select the +Students button.

Now, select Add A Student.

Now, you can fill out the parameters to add a Single Student.

Now, you can add a single student.

Block Student Upload

You can also add multiple students at once directly into a class by uploading them in bulk.

(*Please note: creating a block of students will give them all the same username and password and once assigned, will append a unique number to the end of each username. You can allow them to update their First Name and Last Name and/or Password upon their first log-in. This method is convenient for creating multiple accounts at once without needing to be too specific on student details.)

First, navigate to your Classes tab in your Dashboard.

Then, select the classroom you'd like to add students into.

From here, select the blue + icon with the student beside it.

Now, select Add A Block of Students.

Now, you can fill out the parameters to add a block of students into the class.

Student Self Registration (Class Code Required)

There are two steps required to enable student self-registration with a class code.

First, you will need to enable a self-registration link on your account's unique login page.

To do this, navigate to your Settings tab.

Then, select District Portal.

Scroll all the way down until you see a checkbox under Sign up Options - select Allow Student Sign up. When finished, hit Save.

Then, go to your Classes tab.

Then, select the classroom you'd like to add students into.

From here, select the Edit Class button.

From here, you will see that Class Code is by default, disabled. All you need to do is press Enable from the drop-down menu. Additionally, you can copy or reset it if need be.

You can edit this class code or leave it as is - but this code is what students will sign in with.

When your students navigate to your school's Yeti Academy page, they will see an option for Student Self-Registration.

This is where they will register, enter this code, and enroll into your class.


If you are a Premium User, you can roster your district using Classlink. To begin the setup process, select the Management tab from your Dashboard.

Then, select the Classlink tool.

From here, you'll be directed to contact to finalize the details of your integration. You will also see the option to enable single-sign on with Classlink on your district portal here.

When you're finished, hit Save.

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