If you've got a new student, or are moving students from one school or classroom to another, you can easily do this right from your dashboard.
Please Note: If you are rostering with Classlink, you will make all enrollment changes there and not in Yeti Academy.

First, go to your Students tab from your Dashboard.

Then, select the checkbox next to the student you'd like edit the enrollments for. From the right fly-out menu, select Edit User & Enrollments.

First, you'll be asked to move (or verify) the student's enrollment at a school. Students can be associated to one school only. Moving a student to a different school will disenroll them from the existing school as well as classrooms, so be sure you use the correct school! When you've selected it, hit Move.

Now, scroll down to Class Enrollments. Search for the classroom you'd like to add the student to. When you've found it, select the + Button next to the name of the classroom. Simply click outside of the window for your change to take effect.

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