As a standalone single school administrator, you may want to know how many of your students and staff are using the program actively. This report may help you when you want to give awards for schools who use the program, are looking to purchase more licenses, or advise your staff and students to use it more often!

First, select the Reports tab from your Dashboard.

Then, select Schools.

From the drop down menu, select Monthly Usage Report. When you generate a Monthly Usage report, you will be asked to select a month-based range to run the report over. (e.g., usage for February 2020- February 2021). When you've selected the time period, hit Run Report.

Now, you will see the number of active teachers and students over that period of time. This data is based on who has logged in to the program over the course of the months you've selected.

At any point, you can download this report as a CSV file by selecting the blue download arrow icon in the upper right hand corner.

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