As a standalone single school administrator, should you ever want to see if specific teachers have ever logged into Typing Agent and to see whose students are using the program, the Teacher Usage report can help you. This can be helpful in determining how many licenses are necessary or if you need to reward/encourage others for their use of the program.

First, select the Reports tab from your dashboard.

Then, select School Report.

From the drop down menu, select Teacher Usage Report. When you generate a Teacher Usage report, you will be asked to select a date range. This date range can be for the current week, the previous week, the current month, the previous month, the past 6 months, all time or a custom date range (e.g., Mar - June). When you've selected your preferred time range, hit Run Report.

You will then see the following:

  • Username: Username of the teacher.

  • First Name: First name of the teacher.

  • Last Name: Last name of the teacher.

  • School: The school that the teacher belongs to.

  • Active: A check indicates that the teacher has logged in, an x indicates that he or she has not.

  • # of Active Students: This is the number of the teacher's students have logged in to use the program.

  • Lessons Completed: This is the number of lessons that teacher's students have completed.

  • Time Spent: This is how long that teacher's students have spent in the program.

Should you want to download this report, you can select the blue download icon in the upper right hand corner of the report table.

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