is the first online marketplace that is completely free of charge for vendors/sellers.

After signing up, the registered user can access the seller portal by clicking on the button “Switch to Seller” located on the menu section in the profile picture and name.

Then the seller can proceed to the creation of listing a service.

How to list services

All the services listed on are reviewed by one of the Youcanevent team members, in order to verify if all the information and content provided by the seller match the expected criteria for creating a great service page that will provide customers with an amazing experience.

The services listed on require certain information such as:

  • Title or name of the service

  • Description

  • What’s included

  • Pictures 

  • Characteristics

  • Atmosphere created/Vibe

  • Location

  • Paid extras

  • Tours, product showcase, or tastings availabilities

  • Delivery information

  • Pricing

The pricing technology (named as Dynamic Pricings) at was specially developed in a way to help sellers scale, and make the selling process as easy and fast as possible.

Dynamic Pricing, is a technology that helps the seller to define multiple pricing rules according to their service availability, accommodating for any nuances in pricing such as specific operating hours, people ranges, extra traveling costs, and more.

All the pricing rules, give a uniqueness to each customer booking on

These are the fields that a seller must fill while listing the service.

Price: $____

Per____ (hour, item, person, etc)

Min. or max required

What Time

What Day(s) 

Title of what is being priced

Short description

Some examples

Full day buy out
Special promotion for a full day buy out
$20 per hour with a min. of 1 hour and a max. of 3 hours from 8am to 12pm, Monday to Friday.

Happy hour TacoTuesday
Taco Tuesdays with Manhattans
$50 per person with a min. of 1 hour and a max. of 3 hours from 8am to 12pm, Monday to Friday.

When an event creator/customer proceeds for the booking on the service page, after selecting the date, time, number of attendees or quantity desired, the price will automatically adapt. In this way, all the pricings are given accordingly to the request, facilitating the negotiation between the customer and the seller in the booking process.

Payment for sellers

All the payments are automatically processed after the booking is made by the customer.
The Youcanevent Seller Wallet is automatically updated with the last payment made. uses Stripe as the payment gateway, and it usually takes from 1 to 3 business days to transact the money to the seller’s bank account.

There are booking exceptions (e.g. videography or photography services) where the transaction will be processed after the delivery of the service to the customer. 

Refund policy for sellers has a refunding policy that protects the customer against services that didn’t meet the expected criteria, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Terms, liabilities, and insurances for sellers

All the vendors/sellers on are screened and vetted by the Youcanevent team before joining our online community. The screening process also filters any vendor that does not possess event insurance and accident liabilities.

If the vendor/seller doesn’t have an event insurance, or accident liability, the team is happy to provide these through our partner network.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of the above, you can contact us at or call to +1 415 530 9395 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much,

Youcanevent team

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