For event assistants

Event assistants should register on by clicking on the button “Switch to Event Assistant” located on the menu in the profile picture and name of the user.

Event assistants are paid at a fixed $20 per hour, with comission bonuses for bookings in superior amounts of $5,000.

Clothing rules for event assistants

All the event assistants working on receive special merchandising to wear during the events they attend.

This merchandising includes:

  • Long sleeve tees

  • Hoodies 

  • T-shirts

  • Shirts

Youcan helper (Event assistant tasks) for

  • Shooting video footages of the event (as seen on all the videos on Youcanevent YouTube Channel), with the camera setup for 60FPS frame mode, and later share with some team member

  • Rate the vendor service and event organizer experience on file sent attached to this document 

  • Confirm delivery, arrival, departure, and drop-off of anything related with the event via text message to one of the Youcanevent team members

  • Signing and get customers signature in every drop off or delivery of services, products, or items

Youcan helper (event assistant) tasks for the event organizer (customer):

  • Check-in of attendees

  • Advise the event organizer of the right services to hire for the event 

  • Managing vendors during the day of the event

  • Coordinating speakers

  • Plugging in powerpoint presentations

  • Patch nametags

  • Coordinate attendees 

  • Help attendees, partners, exhibitors with event information

  • Help exhibitors with booth setup

  • Monitor and rate vendor services installation/setup

  • Speak and host opening presentations of the event

  • Analyze food and beverage quality/freshness

Youcan helpers (event assistants) are NOT responsible/allowed for:

  • Hiring event services on behalf of the event organizer (for safety, quality and security reasons)

  • Do any vendor setup/installment (meaning install AVs, TV screens, set up catering etc)

  • Carry money from ticket sales, donations, or tips related to the event organizer's event

  • Pay to any staff member or vendor, this is the sole responsibility of the event organizer

  • Create any side initiative or event without the knowledge of the event organizer

  • Engage with attendees for other promotional initiatives non-related with the brand of the event and event organizer

  • Promote a brand in any form or wear a promotional t-shirt, jersey, or jacket (clothing is provided for all the Youcan helpers)

  • Sell any service not related to the brand of the event organizer or event

  • Take any item, merchandising, or any other kind of object without the permission of the event organize

  • Not responsible for any damage of the item, service or product ordered through

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