partners with local citizens to become certified delivery drivers.

All the drivers are paid on a commission basis of 5% per each ride performed.

On average drivers should expect an average of 10 rides a day.

Typical items to be delivered by drivers are:

  • Food and catering

  • Beverages

  • Small audiovisual equipments

  • Small decoration items

  • Audiovisual accessories

  • Glassware¬†

  • Flatware

  • Event accessories

  • Printing items

Each delivery driver, should notify the customer through the delivery portal, along the ride.

First step, get familiar with your dashboard

Through your dashboard you can see different information such as:

  • Amount earned

  • Deliveries¬†

  • Calendar with upcoming deliveries

Amount earned

All the payments are instantaneously processed for the Youcanevent wallet after the delivery is complete.
After the completion of the delivery, it will take between 2 to 4 business days to wire the funds to your bank account.


On the section deliveries, you have the total number of deliveries made so far, this will help you to visualize how far you've come.

Calendar strives for excellence in customer experience, and the delivery operations are one of the most important processes for the event success.

For that reason, we've created a calendar where you can see the upcoming deliveries.

Second, seeing the upcoming deliveries

Once you become familiar with your dashboard, you should proceed for the section Upcoming Deliveries during your first ride.

Third starting your first delivery experience

Once you arrive to your pick up spot, you should confirm the pick up. This will help to track the delivery and the ETA (estimate time of arrival).

Fourth, confirming your delivery

Once you arrive to the destination you should confirm your delivery.
After confirming it all the collaborators of the event will be notified via the Field Operations portal.

We hope that all the information is clear, and will help you provide the best experience when doing deliveries.

If you have any question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact the Youcanevent team.

Life is a celebration,

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