Youcanevent is your one-stop-shop to book event services.
In less than minutes you can search any kind of event service, ranging from venues to food and catering, beverages to furniture, audiovisual to staffing, and more.

Event creators when booking event services through get the best prices because of the Dynamic Pricing technology.

Sellers when listing services on are able to define multiple pricing rules that helps the event creators to visualize the different price ranges according to:

  • Day of the week

  • Time of the day

  • Number of attendees

  • Quantity needed

Examples include: 

Seller - Restaurant of the internet
Tuesday happy hour
This is the pricing for Tuesdays happy hours.

$20 per person, with no min. or max, on Tuesdays, from 5pm to 7pm.

How does work for event creators ?

When booking a service through,
here are the things offered to our customers:

Event assistant onsite

We send an actual person to your event to:

(1) Validate the delivery and quality of everything booked 

(2) Record videos of the event and provide access to those videos afterwards.

Video examples

Field operations

The Field Operations technology is a portal that streamlines the logistics during the event experience.
Manage all services with real life tracking of deliveries, within a communication channel that notifies in real time all recipients involved in the event.


All the events created on are shared with all the community members to help each
event organizer match with like-minded attendees.

Refund policy has a refunding policy, that protects the customer against services that didn’t meet the expected criteria, with a 100% money back guarantee.

Terms, liabilities, and insurances

All the vendors on were previously screened, and vetted by the Youcanevent team before joining our online community.
The screening process also filters any vendor that does not possess event insurance, and accident liabilities.

Pricing information charges a community fee of 18%, on the top of the price listed by the seller.

This community fee (commission fee), includes all the offered items above, and the refund, terms, liabilities, and insurances mentioned previously.

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