New design on Lists

We have changed the overall view when you look at persons and candidates. Further more the menu and all text and buttons in the system have recieved a new look
You can see the new design on the picture below. If you scroll down this article you will find som explanations and GIF's showing some new features. Be aware that the text in some of the GIF's will be in danish, but the feature/function should still be understandable - If not, then jsut write us in the chat support.


We have changed the way to edit which fields, it shows in the list.
When you click "fields" at the top right corner it will open a new windiw, where you have to put the fields you want to be shown, at the menu to the right and click save. 

Menu to the left is all possible fields to be shown that you can choose from.
Menu to the right is those who are actively being shown.

You can see how it works in the GIF below.

Not saved views

If you make any changes in the fields or filters, it will automaticlly notify you that it is a new view, and that it is not saved and it have to be named. See the GIF below.

Menu for actions

There is also a small update to the menu at the buttom, when you have marked people and want to take actions with them.  You have “Send email” and “Send sms” .  With the 3 dots [...] you have the same old actions as you used to. Ex. Export to excel, print, delete etc.

For you who handles applications in YoungCRM
First of all we have changed the names of the menus. This means that your Candidates is found in Applications. We have done this, to make it easier to navigate between applications and All people

To make the handling of all applications easier, faster and more effective, we have added a hover function for Rating, Qualification and Status. This way you can change it form the list. See the GIF'en below

We have also made it easy to see if a candidate have uploaded videos or uploaded files.

We really hope that you like the new design and more than anything else we would like your feedback! Just write us in the chat.

ATTENTION: We recommend you to use Google Chrome as your browser when using YoungCRm. If you experience troubles in other browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) Please test it out in Google chrome

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